Tips for advertising on Instagram

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Instagram has developed into a group of more than 400 million individuals. With that sort of size and everyday activity, Instagram has likewise turned out to be one of the main web-based social networking systems to spend your publicizing dollars on Instagram for business platform. We present to you some Instagram for business tips that can help you for advertising on Instagram to increase your sales.

  1. Craft Good Images

Obviously, Instagram is about pictures. It’s true what the stage is based on. In case you’re not putting out excellent pictures that are the primary thing you have to change. You needn’t bother with an astounding camera to take amazing photographs, either. Most cell phones now have cameras with all that could be essential quality. Some of the basic Instagram photo hacks are:

  • Pick a subject for your bolster and stick to it.
  • Reliable posts.
  • Take a considerable measure of pictures. Careful discipline brings about promising results!
  • Don’t post them all. Go for quality over amount.
  • Keep your edits straightforward.
  1. Run Contests

Challenges are presumably an ideal approach to build deals on Instagram. At any rate, they can help assemble your adherents, image acknowledgment, and engagement.

There are three primary sorts of challenges:

  1. “Like to win” (They simply need to like your photograph)
  2. “Email gated” (Send in your email to win)
  3. Hashtag UGC (Submit a picture with a hashtag)

The best considered for advertising on Instagram is hashtag UGC. Individuals tend to appreciate it the most, and since they’re searching for thoughts to add to their bolster, at any rate, you give them another motivation to include a picture.

  1. Incorporate Links to Your Store

This tip is somewhat of an easy decision, but since of that it’s likewise effortlessly overlooked. A connection to your store (generally set in your profile) provides your followers a method for efficiently getting to be clients. While you can’t interface straightforwardly from your pictures and recordings, you should, in any case, put the URL there for anybody inspired by duplicate pasting it. That is additionally why you should attempt to influence your URLs to be short and coherent.

  1. Use More Hashtags

Not at all like Facebook and Twitter, where using more than two hashtags diminishes engagement, Instagram clients can’t get enough of them. Truth be told, the more hashtags you utilize, the greater engagement you get. In case you don’t know what hashtags to use, you can search for contenders’ hashtags

  1. Give Your Followers Exclusive Info

Some portion of the interest of following a brand on Instagram is the possibility that we’re by one means or another “insiders.” truth be told, it’s in our brain science that being a piece of a gathering persuades us to make a move. Why not benefit from this finding?

Information doesn’t need to be exclusive rebates or coupons simply. You can likewise offer things like:

  • Free trials or items
  • Instagram challenges
  • Pictures and videos of behind the scenes

How to develop a promotional strategy


After identifying your target audience, it is important to understand the message you are trying to deliver to them via your marketing campaign. If there are more than one target market, the message could also differ based on the potential customer. In addition, you may also need to focus on your marketing in various ways: learn more about product strategy; positioning and differentiation.

Create brand awareness

In order to have a successful promotional strategy, it is crucial to create brand awareness amongst your potential customers. Brand awareness is related to the recognition of your specific product by current and potential customers.

Today, luckily, there are plenty of advertising techniques you can use to create brand awareness among your customers. Some of them are as follows:

  • traditional advertising – it is about business directories, newspapers, magazines, radio or TV, billboards., etc.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click and paid search advertising)
  • social media marketing
  • public relations – that include press releases, events, tours, launches, etc.
  • sales-based techniques – i.e. coupons, discounts, vouchers, competitions, loyalty programs for existing customers
  • direct marketing – i.e. email, packaging designs, mail order catalogues, point of sales displays, etc.

In addition, consider taking advantage of dealer or showroom events, exhibitions, trade shows, where you can benefit from any sales opportunities that may be presented there or check if your target audience is also attending those events.

Sell to your existing customers

If you want to increase your brand awareness, consider marketing it to your existing and loyal customers. When you understand your current customers’ needs and preferences, particularly of those who deal with you often or buy a lot – you are able to develop new methods to target them and, thus, increase your brand awareness.

Another effective strategy is encouraging your existing customers to promote you, as spreading a word about you can be very productive when developing the brand.

Time and measure your campaigns

Regardless of your promotional strategies, it is very important to time your steps towards reaching your target customers at the moment they are the most receptive. When developing strategies make sure they combine both long and short-term offers – special discounts or competitions.

In terms of measuring, you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy which is very important. This may include asking new customers how they know about you or carrying out surveys before and after every marketing campaign. Monitoring your website traffic and using individual promotional codes for certain sales would also work perfectly. As a result, you will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses as well as identify where and how you can improve your campaigns.