The best time for local marketing


Speaking about local search, it is important to point out some of the recent developments and technology that will have an impact both in the short and the long-run.

Today, we live in an exciting era for local marketing tools that will change the way users discover places.

Big Data

When it comes to local searches, proximity is the most important ranking factor. That doesn’t seem to change. However, it is the filter that presents, ranks and sorts out the nearby locations that will change. What filter are we talking about?

You are the filter.

Local discovery will work as proximity that has been filtered by your needs and preferences. The person who is searching will be the one to tell what locations are shown.

Actually, this is nothing new. Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo have been tracking the browsing history in order to personalize the search results. The new thing is the perfection of artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics.

Big Data will now help search engines personalize local search results based on users’ individual preferences. The more the search engine knows about you, the more relevant search results and maps will show up.

Online assistants and voice search

Online or digital assistants will be the connection between customer profiles, the locations they are interested in and products around them.

Today, digital assistants will be present everywhere. On your smartphone, in your house, your car your office. In other words, they will be in any place with internet connection.

Therefore, the assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri will become the universal connection between the physical and digital worlds.

Move to augmented reality

With the growing popularity of voice search, you will need to replace the traditional screen on your smartphone and monitor. A picture can render more than a thousand words can, so it doesn’t seem that even a human-like-talking digital assistant will replace our need to see what’s in front of us.

A great solution is to replace the traditional screens with augmented reality. According to Facebook’s latest related to augmented reality, this indeed seems to be the direction we are oriented towards.

Augmented reality will perhaps be an exciting and less privacy-intrusive local discovery development. This will give the opportunity to search for a local restaurant, visualize the exact location of a product right on a shelf or deal with personalized location-based content with beacons. Now, it’s time to keep an eye on beacons.


Beacons are a perfect solution in terms of surfacing content in a user’s proximity. The challenge right now is to draw users’ attention to beacons. Nonetheless, if everybody has a digital assistant built in their augmented reality glasses, it will be easy to discover beacon content and personalize it based on your preferences.

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Why investing in Facebook in 2017


It has been already shown that Facebook Ads will bring a lot more leads in 2017 than any other paid network. You’ll need to develop an effective strategy and use it with precision, but today there is a great opportunity for inbound marketers when it comes to Facebook. If you will consider this opportunity, it will pay off during the years to come.

Technology is developing at a fast pace, but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss some significant changes. This is because this doesn’t happen at once, but once in a while. You might have the chance to see the change in motion. Right now, this is for Facebook.

Why Investing in Facebook Ads?

Base on a research carried out by Google, the amount of mobile research B2B buyers do have increased by 91% year over year. This is really important because as consumers now prefer mobile over desktop, B2B buyers do the same. Today they read, research and work on their phones as well as spend time on the Facebook app/Instagram/Messenger.

With the help of Facebook, it is possible to reach these people with Lead Ads that promote you and allow users signing up with just a few clicks.

With Facebook’s Lead Ads, there is no longer needed for users to complete a form using pre-populated info and cut out the landing page step. Both significantly increase conversion rates and make the mobile ads effective for B2B marketers.

The Best Ad Technology

When it comes to ads, Facebook provides you with the most powerful, cutting-edge and effective ad units and targeting. Moreover, they are presented in a way so that marketers can easily execute. Ads are created to meet your goals, which is simple for inbound marketers to get started.

The Future of Facebook Ads

Facebook ad are some of the most effective solutions to make your business grow today. In addition, investing in Facebook today will also help you succeed in the future. When users all over the world go online today, they go to social networks and spend a lot of time with a Facebook property, but that’s just the beginning.

As you might now, the ads haven’t always represented a part of the inbound playbook. But, due to the Facebook innovation, they can be very helpful and not interruptive. There is also the combination of ads and inbound works.

This is just a short summary on how Facebook now helps thousands of business reach unprecedented success.

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Importance of Google Analytics for SEO


Many today know that Google Analytics is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. It doesn’t only offer valuable information about a website but also helps businesses a lot to reach their goals. Before analysing the benefits you can enjoy by using Google Analytics, let’s understand, first of all, what it actually is.

Google Analytics is a free web tool that helps you to collect information about the visitors to your website. In other words, it provides you with valuable information on things such as how a visitor got to your website, what did he/she do when on your website, did they convert or not, and a lot more useful information.

How can Google Analytics help your business?

Google Analytics has four basic areas, including the audience – you can figure out who is visiting your website; acquisition – how visitors got to your website; behaviour – what they did on your website, and conversions – did they do what you expected them to do. Each of these reporting areas is very useful for different business purposes.

In addition, it is important to know that there four key benefits of Google Analytics. They are as follows:

  1. Website usability improvement
  2. Marketing campaign optimisation
  3. Budget allocation
  4. Audience identification

By getting the information about the way visitors use your website plays an important role in terms of understanding if your website satisfies their needs.

Marketing campaign optimisation helps you to figure out what works and what doesn’t work on your website. Therefore, you can later make all the necessary changes in order to improve the functionality of the website.

After you know what is working well and what is not working at all, you can understand where to invest money further. Google Analytics is a great tool here since it helps you identify the gaps in the investments you have made.

Even if you think you know your target audience, the Audience identification report provided by Google Analytics helps you to determine if you are right. In other words, these reports offer user-specific data that is an effective tool to better understand your audience. The data contained in the reports have elements such as visitor’s gender, locations, interests, etc.

Now, it is pretty clear that you must use Google Analytics in order to get your business to a new level. Moreover, it is very easy-to-use and is also flexible so that you can customise it to track everything on your website.

This article was written by Rankwinz

Is Google’s exact match exact?

google-exact much

In the digital era, communication has never been easier. Anyway, every time we want to send a message we — regardless of how simple it might be — we have to make a huge number of decisions. Shall I use the Email? Text? Instant message? Or it is better to call?

In addition to the medium we can use, there are endless things to consider in each and every conversation. Is it important to use a greeting? Is punctuation or capitalization important? Shall I use emojis?

Those subtle nuances and customizations you apply to your emails or text messages can also be applied to your AdWords ads. Consider the amount of impressions your ads serve each day. Now think about how much you could improve your performance if the AdWords system customizes your ad the same way you do your emails. In such a way, you make your readers more receptive to your ads. With a bit of work in AdWords, you can tailor each ad to a user and their auction-time context.

Provide a great deal of components

A great ad unit is a combination of your ad and its extensions. But what kind of extensions to use and when? If you want to deliver great auction-time ads, you will need to provide a great bunch of components.

  1. Optimized ad rotation

An optimized ad rotation is a great advantage. With its help, the system is able to choose the perfect ad for each context. Maybe one ad works better on smartphones; while another works better in a certain geography, etc. It could be that all of those trends differ when those settings are combined. An effective mobile ad in the morning might differ significantly from a great mobile ad in the evening.

Once you’ve started the optimization of ad rotation, you should consider in % served in order to decide the results of ad tests. If you already have more than three ads in a group and you see that something is barely serving, it means that it is probably better to remove that messaging and make something new.

Use a combination of metrics while managing your account to decide which ads must keep running. % served, CTR, total impressions served, CPC, etc., can help you determine which ads could be replaced.

  1. Provide 3 to 5 ads per group

The system is going to select what will work the best for the context and provide different ads to different users at different periods of time. The more ads you have, the more options you’ll have for rendering the perfect message for any context.

If you analyze to ad groups with only one or two ads, you can see that the ad groups with three or more ads would receive up to 15 % more clicks/conversions, as long as you’re optimizing your rotation. Those additional options for messaging make a real difference.

  1. Implement every ad extension that is helpful for users

Extensions represent a part of Ad Rank. They play an important role in terms of performance, as a lot more users click ads with them. Moreover, they are very helpful and provide more information to an ad unit. What is more, they’re already optimized to get the best performance for you. The best combination of extensions is already selected for each auction, so you should definitely consider adding them.

The options included are as follows: call, callout, structured snippet, sitelink, price, review, location, affiliate locations, app, etc. If you don’t have them enabled yet, set them up today. And if you think they’re set up, but you still have doubts, evaluate your extensions to make sure that they work for all of your campaigns.

Tips on finding a professional PPC agency

Pay-per-click marketing is a great tool to achieve your online marketing needs. The industry develops fast, so keeping up-to-date with the latest campaigns and all the developments in terms of technology is very demanding. Therefore, finding a qualified agency to provide you with the best of PPC is extremely important. Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable company for your online advertising needs.

First of all, you must figure out if your business is going in the right direction.

The reason you’re searching for a PPC agency is because you need to achieve certain business goals. In particular, if you are dealing with running online ads for the first time, it’s important to make sure you are going to pay for what you really need because someone will definitely try to sell a product that could be useless at all.

Some important factors to take into account:

  • Your target search niche is new and no one is likely to search for your product.
  • You haven’t evaluated your competitors
  • Your website is not yet able to effectively deal with the traffic you’ll be sending

Define clearly the type of working relationship you need?

Regardless of the common opinion that you can easily work with anyone from all over the world specialising in the field, finding the right cultural match is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a PPC agency. The deal can look perfect on paper, but if you’re not looking into the same direction and happy to collaborate, a lower price or shining list of credentials will lose its effect very quickly.

Know what does an agency need to be ready for?

Make sure to get an answer to this question from the agencies you are going to hire. Just like in any employment process, behavioural interviewing is going to work amazingly. Ask for examples of past projects to see how they handled various situations.

Set realistic expectations

Last, but not least, don’t forget to tell about your expectations for the next year or two, and make that a part of the interview. Ask yourself if you plan to move your business in-house eventually, or you will keep outsourcing in the future? A professional PPC agency will develop an effective plan to help you with your future replacement, and won’t hold your data hostage.

If you’re growing quickly and could expect to double, triple, or 10x the scale of your ads in the near future, make sure you find a partner who will be ready when the time comes.

Back to SEO fundamentals

If one tries to search on Google for the best SEO tips and tricks, the search engine will show over 14 million results. When it comes to understanding one’s SEO strategy, thousands of useful pieces of advice come out. Moreover, the users get new “the most” effective methods that “definitely work” each year. Some of them show really impressive result, the other one are not even worth reading.

Regardless of how many hot tips emerge daily, when it comes to optimizing your website to meet the requirements of Google, for example, the basics of SEO is crucial for the long-term success. Recently, many people still believe that content is king and forget about what is essential about SEO and focus solely on content distribution.

The point is that you can endlessly publish all the content that you have, but if your website is not properly optimized, forget about high rankings. Therefore, here are some basics to consider.


You as a website owner must, first of all, make sure you site is crawlable. You can assist the search engine crawlers that are crawling your website by using the robot.txt file. Also, there are some pages that you definitely don’t want to be crawled. Therefore, you can block them by making them “disallowed”.

It is important to know that until you know for sure what bot is causing you problems, you must be careful when taking the decision to block the crawlers from the entire site. In other words, you may end up blocking the crawlers that deal with indexing.

Website Structure

With the growing number of mobile-obsessed users, many sometimes forget about the practical. The better the structure of the website, the better user experience and, thus, higher rankings. Even if it seems simple, creating a solid structure is time-consuming and requires effort. It can positively impact both the navigation and the way crawlers understand the website content. Therefore, by quality website structure one must understand the content that is placed in a logical manner so that users and search engines find easily what they are looking for.

Titles & Meta Descriptions

Although only titles are considered in the algorithm, meta descriptions are very important as well. If Google doesn’t see the descriptions as a ranking sign, crawlers read them. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to tell them what you want about certain pages. The better are your title and meta descriptions, the higher click-through rates that lead to much better visibility.

These are just a few fundamental tips to consider before you jump into the latest SEO strategiesseo_klyuchevie_kpi_pokazateli_v_zavisimosti_ot_sayta_14785014248325_image

Social Media Marketing for your online business


Have you ever thought what you need in order to become really successful in the online world? You need a website, obvious. It seems that the entire world we are living in right now has changed places. All of the brick-and-mortar places have moved over the internet. Now, we have online shops where we can find anything we would like. This is why having a website can make all the difference. Without one, you will not be notices and the people around the world will not know about you. When you have a website, you need to promote it.

One of the best ways to advertise is through the SMM. SMM is nothing else than social media marketing. This means that you can use the social media platforms to promote your website. It works because these networks are always full, and if you know some tricks and you know how to build a strategy here, then you will have success without a doubt. When implementing an SMM strategy, you need to pay attention to the social signals. Not anyone knows what they are and not anyone can use them to push up the necessary website.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to find an expert in the online marketing and SEO, who can undertake any kind of related tasks. Rankwinz is one of the specialists who can manage to do it right and in the best way possible. Social media platforms can be used for many purposes and in many ways. When you choose a strategy for your online website, you need to keep in mind the fact that not everything works for everything. You need to have a customized strategy, something that will work in your favor in a very good way.

When it comes to SMM, the Facebook Ads are a very good choice. Of course, you need to pay some extra money for this, but when you do so, you can cover a wide area. Doing this you can choose your target group, you can build a reputation and, in consequence, you will get more traffic and more visitors. Along with that, you are creating white backlinks that cannot harm your website and the reputation you have created so far. At its base, the social media marketing strategy is focused on building you a reputation and creating a name for you. You just need to use it in your favor.

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