Making your app appear in the top Google results


Have you developed an app and want to rank in mobile search engine results? If the answer is Yes, you’re going to need to make room in your SEO strategy for app optimization.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your app to get the best rank possible.

You need optimization!

Base on a recent Google report, 27% of users are looking for apps in a search engine. The trend is likely to continue, because Google pushes into evidence app downloads from search results paying no regard for Google Play as a search engine. Moreover, Google has become better at ranking apps and this trend will definitely continue.

Although 40% of users still find apps by searching in an app store, it’s still relevant to think of how to optimize your app so that people can find it through a search engine.

Consider the app pack

Regardless of the fact that the word “app” can also include web-based applications as a service, most users think of apps as mobile applications first of all. And Google is aware of that.

Therefore, Google now uses an “app pack” at the top of the mobile search results. You can check it if you search on your mobile device for “photo editor,” for instance.

Use relevant right keywords

The first step of the optimization process is to get a page out of the SEO 101 playbook; i.e. collect the right keywords.

It has been already shown that users who are looking for an app, usually use a noun in their search. Therefore, people might search for “photo editor” or “travel planner.”

Thus, start your optimization process by paying more attention to what your app actually is rather than what it does.

Phrases like “edits photos” is what your app does. Users don’t use such keywords.

Your app is a “photo editor”. That’s is what they will search for.

Improve the title and description

Optimizing the title of your app is very important for SEO purposes. Moreover, Google analyses app descriptions as a text on a web page.

Use the keywords that you have collected from the first step and place them accurately throughout the description. The most important keyword must be placed in the title.

Of course, there are limitations as to the number of characters you can use in the app title, but, in that case, you will need some good creativity regarding what and how you will include in you title and description.


Paid search audience vs. keywords


Regardless of the fact that today audience targeting is so popular, it is important to also admit some weaknesses as well. It turns out that paid search audience is not that heroic and the most effective targeting method paid searchers had expected it would be.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the idea that the keywords can be replaced by audience targeting in paid search.

The keyword is still the most powerful method of targeting for a paid search specialist, but also audience targeting can have a valuable impact in search bidding.

The best example one ever told in terms of the main weakness of audience targeting was from a traditional marketer who has perhaps never used the Keyword Planner. He said the following things:

  • He has two teenage daughters
  • They are within 24 months of each other, therefore in age demographic targeting they would be the same person
  • Both of them are young women, therefore in gender demographic targeting they would be the same person
  • Both of them are his daughters in his care, therefore in income demographic targeting they would be the same person
  • Both of them are living in his house, so in geographical targeting, they would be the same person
  • Both of them share the same friends, so in social targeting, they would be the same person

But, if speaking about personality, they are two different persons. One is creative and enjoys high heels and dresses, while the other loves the outdoors and sports, and wears blue jeans and sneakers almost all the time.

If a marketer using audience-targeting were selling spring dresses and saw them on his list, he would understand three things: (1) they are two high-school girls with the same revenue in the same geographical region, (2) they are both interested in spring dresses, and (3) will make only one sale.

It is not his targeting that causes problems; the thing is that not all those gathered into an audience persona box will work.

Audience targeting itself has shown some weaknesses. Moreover, it is not the saviour of all digital marketing that many believe it to be; and that there is an effective and really working solution that fits perfectly with demographic targeting, but cannot be replaced by it. It is a targeting method paid searchers have used for years now.

It is the keyword.

While audience targeting operates under the law of averages (someone in a demographically targeted list has to actually be interested in what one is selling”), keyword targeting works in individual-revealing user intent.

Keyword targeting can achieve the heights an audience can never, ever do…

How to make visitors stay on your website


Every website owner wants to attract visitors like a real magnet. Either you sell with the help of your website or run a blog just for having fun, you definitely expect a lot of comments, shares and thousands of visits, don’t you?

If you see no visitors, it is probably because your website doesn’t work well.

Consider SEO optimization

Of course, you cannot permanently increase the number of visitors to your website without proper SEO optimization. If Google offers the opportunity to gain organic traffic for free, why not using it?

Content marketing

It is important to remember that SEO likes content. The more informational material you publish, the more relevant keywords it contains, therefore, the higher your rankings on Google. So, think about creating informative pages alongside the transactional ones.

Content marketing is the tool that becomes the voice of your brand and brings new customers. And here we are talking not only about blogging, but also about making landing pages, guest posting, mission statements, and email campaigns.

Your presence on social media

Many people now believe that a Facebook account for a certain business is nothing more than just hanging on daily and posting funny pictures and videos. Actually, the situation is different. In fact, it is a full-time job where you have to respond promptly to every customer’s request and you have to solve the problems that might occur the same way you normally do by phone or email.

At the same time, social media is a powerful tool that helps us find our potential customers in their natural environment, get in contact with them, gain trust and valuable leads. That’s why, if you doubt the role of social media within a business, you better stop it right now, and create an account instead.

Don’t fall for the idea that it is possible to increase your website traffic without marketing. This is a complete lie. Driving more traffic means choosing the right strategy.

You can use content, email and community marketing alongside some social media strategies. Consider creating resources such as webinars, infographics, podcasts, etc. in addition, you can also organize social events (contests, promotions). You just have to know that the possibilities are endless.

The last but not least, it is important to follow your competition and always keep the finger on the pulse when it comes to your strategies. It is never too late to choose another path is something doesn’t work properly!