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If one tries to search on Google for the best SEO tips and tricks, the search engine will show over 14 million results. When it comes to understanding one’s SEO strategy, thousands of useful pieces of advice come out. Moreover, the users get new “the most” effective methods that “definitely work” each year. Some of them show really impressive result, the other one are not even worth reading.

Regardless of how many hot tips emerge daily, when it comes to optimizing your website to meet the requirements of Google, for example, the basics of SEO is crucial for the long-term success. Recently, many people still believe that content is king and forget about what is essential about SEO and focus solely on content distribution.

The point is that you can endlessly publish all the content that you have, but if your website is not properly optimized, forget about high rankings. Therefore, here are some basics to consider.


You as a website owner must, first of all, make sure you site is crawlable. You can assist the search engine crawlers that are crawling your website by using the robot.txt file. Also, there are some pages that you definitely don’t want to be crawled. Therefore, you can block them by making them “disallowed”.

It is important to know that until you know for sure what bot is causing you problems, you must be careful when taking the decision to block the crawlers from the entire site. In other words, you may end up blocking the crawlers that deal with indexing.

Website Structure

With the growing number of mobile-obsessed users, many sometimes forget about the practical. The better the structure of the website, the better user experience and, thus, higher rankings. Even if it seems simple, creating a solid structure is time-consuming and requires effort. It can positively impact both the navigation and the way crawlers understand the website content. Therefore, by quality website structure one must understand the content that is placed in a logical manner so that users and search engines find easily what they are looking for.

Titles & Meta Descriptions

Although only titles are considered in the algorithm, meta descriptions are very important as well. If Google doesn’t see the descriptions as a ranking sign, crawlers read them. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to tell them what you want about certain pages. The better are your title and meta descriptions, the higher click-through rates that lead to much better visibility.

These are just a few fundamental tips to consider before you jump into the latest SEO strategiesseo_klyuchevie_kpi_pokazateli_v_zavisimosti_ot_sayta_14785014248325_image