5 best ways to use LinkedIn

5 best ways to use LinkedIn

We all know that the social media platforms have gained a lot in the search engine world. When it comes to reputation and popularity, the social media are the ones promising the most. Here you can “meet” people and play with them. Here you can find what they like the most and what they don’t like at all. It is pretty simple, you have everything in front of you. And LinkedIn is on the top, especially when it comes to your reputation. Let’s take a look at the greatest 5 ways to boost your name:
1. You need to optimize your profile or your post with appropriate keywords. Since this social media platform works pretty similar to the search engines, the keywords and the words you choose are very important. You will be found easier and you will look more professional.
2. You need to do a little bragging. And what does this mean? It means that you need to brag about your wins and awards, and about other amazing stuff that happened to you. This will make you trustworthy and it will seem like you are excellent at your work.
3. You need to make as many connections as you can, and these connections should be real. This is a form of networking working pretty well on LinkedIn. You can connect with anyone here, regardless whether you know them or not. This helps your profile building and gives you some kind of credibility. However, don’t exaggerate with your connections. Keep it professional.
4. You need to join professional groups. This is a tool you definitely need to use at its best. You can join any groups you like, but make sure you are joining the ones that will help you boost your profile and give you some real results. For instance, if you are a doctor, you have nothing to do in a designers’ group. Just remember, joining the right groups can really help your reputation and popularity in the professional area.
5. You need to consider blogging. LinkedIn has its own blogging platform, so you need to make the most of it. Even if you haven’t written in your life on a blog, it is not a problem. As was mentioned above, keep it professional and positive.
The LinkedIn platform is a very good way to make a name for yourself in the business field. Keep it simple, straightforward and professional, and you will boost your reputation in no time.

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2015 Planning: What Does Your SEO Strategy Look Like Next Year?


It became a tradition for the SEOs to talk prospects and predictions for the next year at the end of the current year. Therefore, I will do the same and give you some insights. The first thing we should do is to look back at everything what has happened this year, and based on this, try to predict the game changers for the next one, 2015. And how could you do that? Well, let me tell you.
First of all, you should talk to your stakeholders and to the people who have invested in this. The discussion should be an easy one. At its bases, you need to ask a couple of questions like: What do you want for 2015? What do you want to gain and accomplish? What exactly you didn’t like in 2014? Have you ever thought what would you like being different next year? This kind of questions will help you understand the downsides and the upsides, and make an idea about what is next.
Second, get all the data you have. It is the perfect period of year to do so. Look at your stats and see what they have to show you. The amount of data you have gotten during a year will tell you a lot about what happened in 2014. There are many times when you told yourself or a customer that you have not enough data to make a conclusion or it is too soon to tell something, or I need more information prior to making assumptions and so on. However, now, at the end of the year, you have all the information possible to draw conclusions and make assumptions. And this is exactly what you need to do, because your stats will tell you everything possible about your work and you will be able to predict the situation for 2015.
The third thing, and one of the hardest when it comes to SEO, is the timing. Creating quality backlinks and trying to manage a good advertising campaign is not easy. And unlike any other online promotion campaign, the SEO is not a “right away” kind of marketing. This is very hard to explain to the people who don’t know much about the search engine optimization field. In order to create a good and long-lasting SEO campaign you need time, and no the time to literally do it, but the time for it to start being lucrative. Yet, when it does, you can have it all. This, of course, in case you had a quality campaign full of white kind of things.


3 Ways Google Penalties Have Pulled SEO Out of the Gutter

Have you ever thought about an SEO professional and what requires being one? Well, first of all, he or she needs to know everything about the online market and online marketing, and this means an SEO expert should be good at marketing and advertising, writing, have technical skills, be versed in public relations and able to undertake an analysis task. It is not easy to manage to stay on top of your colleagues, but when you truly love what you do, you will be, since you will work hard to get where you want to be, even if it means you need to learn constantly and be update permanently.
You need to understand that SEO has a lot of subfields, and in order to be a good specialist, you need to have an idea about all of them. Before 2012, there were no real rules in the SEO world. One could have used any kind of backlinks they desire. The black and white SEO didn’t have a barrier and it was not very clear what is good to do and what is not. As a result, the chances to get penalized by Google were almost nonexistent. In 2012, the first Google algorithm update came in and the penalties started rolling out. It was pretty scary, because every single website was vulnerable and could be hurt.
There are two main sides: the one who thinks it is better with these Google algorithms that enhance the search engine ranking, and the one who thinks it is worse. Let’s just say that Penguin, Panda and so on have clarified the rules, draw a line between good and bad, made every SEO specialist and website owner to think bigger and to look beyond the links. At the same time, it made the SEO field not a race for the top anymore, but a race for quality, which means looking and finding other “pure” ways of getting higher to the top.
I, Rankwinz, think that this is more of a good think than a bad one. It clarified the chaos in this industry and made it more rules-following. There is no doubt that it is not easy, but for sure it is much more enjoyable to do it. Basically, the Google updates made everyone think outside the box, thus discovering other methods to get popular and known on the internet, besides the backlinks and only page one ranking.

5 best SEO strategies for 2015

best SEO strategies for 2015

The SEO field works entirely on the “orders” placed by the big search engines, such as Google, so to speak. To manage to get your SEO strategy to work, you need to know everything there is to know about updates and algorithms. For this reason, I want to present to you the best 5 search engine ranking techniques that will still work in the upcoming year.
First one is widen the internet for Hummingbird-friendly keywords. As I was telling you in one of my previous articles, it is very important to choose the right keywords, along with the most suitable and reasonable ones. The keyword strategy, no matter the updates an algorithm has, will still work in every single case.
Second strategy would be to hone your website’s URL structure. This means that you have to pay more attention creating the URLs and their structure. You need to polish them and make them better, considering that this is one of the most important steps for you to get to the top.
Third technique, a very logical and predictable one, is your backlinks. This is something you always should have done correctly. However, the 2015 year is a special one for your quality backlinks. You need to focus and use fewer and only hard-earned links. You will not have tons of links, but you will have some trusted ones, links that are coming from other trusted websites and which can get you more authority and better rankings.
Fourth strategy is actually more of a suggestion than a technique itself. And this recommendation is to look and see beyond the personalized search results. This is a very narrow-style thinking. You need to think more globally, and of course, every time when you want to satisfy a search engine, think how to satisfy a person – a visitor, a user, a customer. Start with this and go from there.
Fifth tip, and the last one, is to consider secure encryption. With this, a professional expert, such as Rankwinz, can help you anytime. Keep in mind, there is some SEO stuff you can take care of by yourself, and there are some SEO things that only an expert in this field could manage accordingly. The search engine optimization area is a very large one and has a lot of subfields. In order to get your website to the top of the most used search engine, Google, you need to employ them all, or at least as many as possible.

Building Links in the Online Marketing

link_building-700x300 (1)

Regardless of the area or niche you are working in, there are always competitors. The first thing we all tend to do is to compete with our competitors. However, this strategy is not the best one. Knowing your competitors in person and having some kind of positive relationship with him or her can be pretty lucrative. When it comes to the quality backlinks, the worlds is in a bigger competition than ever. Yet, there is a solution. You can always use the so-called intermediate websites. This way you will not be linking only to one website or competitor, you will benefit from all of the contacts among your internet-based competitors.

You need to find some companies and websites from related areas but which are not in direct competition with you, thus being able to employ quality backlinks. You can go to the conferences or to the network events that are organized regularly. Attending such kind of parties gives you the possibility to get in touch with various representatives from numerous companies. Of course, you can also go to the so-called online marketing events and meet online people and representatives. The main focus for you should be their online team. And while you are connecting, your goal is to get their links and to put your backlinks on their websites.

An interesting thing to remember here is the fact that the most value links are coming from the large corporations’ websites and worldwide or multi-national companies. However, pretty weird is that their online marketing campaign is usually carried out by inexperienced and not genuine experts in SEO and internet marketing. Therefore, you can always tell them about the SEO services and create a joint promotion campaign by discussing with the business unit. You can tell them about any important thing your website has to offer.

Without a doubt, there are only a few people in an organization or a big company who understand the concept of link-building and, most importantly, its value for the Google’s rankings. Your job is to make them understand and suggest them to use professional SEO packages, for example the ones from Rankwinz, and convince them to place your link on their websites. This is not easy to carry out, and you need to prepare yourself for everything. Just make sure you have all the leverage you need and you are well-informed on everything your competitor may need to hear from you regarding their online marketing campaign.

Structured Snippets vs. Rich Snippets for SEO


For the people who don’t determine what Snippets are, these are the basic informational lines that appear below the titles and headings of your Google results. The two-line text you can see combined with the title on the major search engines when you are evaluating something, they are the so-called snippets. Everybody knows that Google is really dedicated and focused on improve permanently its search results. This is the reason why this makes regularly updates, changes its ranking algorithm and so on.

Together with the algorithm and updates, furthermore, it is fairly devoted to deliver rich and structured snippets on the users. These rich snippets exist for the main one purpose to boost and increase the results, thus providing the users more descriptive details about what they are seeking. However, there are structured snippets on the major search engines ranking. These are the basic ones that supply more specific information regarding a query in accordance with the aggregated web results. Basically, here you have 2 types of snippets meant to alleviate the users’ experience, and you need to understand utilizing them in order to have good quality backlinks for your personal website.

And the very first thing you need to know here is just how performs this impact the click-through rates. Listed below are two main directions: some people are saying that giving too much information on the search engine rankings pages will reduce and minimize the click-through rates and, being a results, the organic traffic; and additionally, there are those who are saying exactly the opposite. You may opt for the direction you prefer by far the most when it comes to SEO and quality backlinks, just be sure one does what it best for your site.

Regardless of your choice, you need to ensure that your snippets are accurate. And this can be accomplished by comprehending the differences between rich snippets and structured snippets. To begin with, the rich snippets require that you should structure the details in a specific way so Google are able to read it. Concurrently, the structured snippets are pulled automatically through the aggregated website’s data. Just in case you need someone to carry out the challenging task of obtaining the best snippets for search engine listings, Rankwinz is the man. Of course, there are a few other differences between the aforementioned forms of snippets, plus an SEO professional knows every one of them and employs this knowledge inside the most reasonable possible way. This kind of Search engine optimization services is what you need.

Niche Research in 2015


Even though latest Google algorithm update, Hummingbird, has established a small amount of a chaos around the SEO world, eventually, it might be a greater portion of a good thing rather a bad one. To begin with, they have this unique power freeing us from your competition. And exactly what does this exactly mean? It means that before Hummingbird, most of us had to compete for the limited number of keywords, top keywords, which were the primary base for the major search engines ranking.

This subfield from the search engine ranking was relatively easy until the latest Google update. Anybody who planned to develop a website might go and utilize the so-called Google Keyword Planner, after which just utilize the keywords they have given. On the present moment, the secret doesn’t work similar to this anymore. Now, you must go, choose and use only relevant keyword. This means that the above mentioned tool or another tools don’t have the same importance since they did, because you need to get your personal relevant keywords and not use the ones the Planner provides you with. Needless to say, it is possible to still use this tool to offer you a hint, but if you have before you all the keywords it gave you, go through them and take away in the list all the irrelevant and unnecessary keywords.

This was only step one. The next one is to do some analysis. As well as the tool you require here is the KEI, or also referred to as keyword effectiveness index. That one will be a lot easier to use compared to old search-volume metric, and along with the keyword difficulty score you will realize how hard or how simple is to get high rankings. Undoubtedly, you should not overlook the quality backlinks and also other important stuff you should use.

When the above two steps are carried out, you need to finalize your list by knowing the difficulty of you to outrank the competition for every keyword you have chosen. If you need an authority advice, accept it from Rankwinz. You need to consider factors such as the on-page SEO, quality backlinks, domain authority, content and the like. Only by evaluating anything you have performed, it is possible to understand that you stand and what exactly your opportunities are. The SEO packages usually include everything that you need for your site to be the better one in the marketplace, and you should pick the greatest expert available.