4 SEO “mistakes-like” you should avoid


Businessman typing

There are many things one can achieve by employing SEO strategies and techniques. However, if you want to climb up, you should avoid some things in order not to get penalized. I will present you with 4 SEO techniques that you can easily avoid and keep the climbing on the track:

1. Don’t exchange too many business links. This kind of links are called trading links and even if they seem to be harmless, they could get you penalized. The problem here stays primary in the amount of links you create for your business partner or vice versa.

2. Don’t create random and too many affiliate programs. These programs can either help your website or kill it. Choose them carefully.

3. Don’t partner up with the so-called “influencer outreach” websites. These are the most influential websites in a particular segment and niche, but getting them to put backlinks for your website can be both bad and good. And you don’t need your website to be compromised.

4. Don’t “guest blogging”. You could do that and the results could be amazing, but they could also be devastating. Keep all of this in mind all the time!

Source http://rankwinz.com/