25 Great Marketing Conferences Happening in 2014

Even though we’re not far into 2014, there have already been a fair amount of incredible marketing conferences. But, there plenty more conferences coming up this year you should definitely attend. Whether to network with  individuals in your field, exchange ideas, get inspired, or learn all about the latest tech and strategies in marketing, a conference is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve both your professional and personal life. That’s not even mentioning the cocktail parties and a little trip away from home for you to enjoy.


If you haven’t thought about making plans to an upcoming marketing conference, here’s your chance with the top 25 events in 2014.


1. Content2Conversation

Date: May 6-7, 2014

Place: New York, NY

Costs: $700

Must Attend Session: ‘Challenger Marketing: Succeeding In Today’s B2B Battleground’ with Brent Adamson.


This is a relatively new conference, it began in 2012, but it’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing events in the country. In fact, attendance is expected to grow by more than 70% this year. What makes this such an exciting conference to attend is the range of people you’ll have the chance to connect with, such as people from Fortune 100 companies to venture back start-ups. However, the main takeaway from the agenda is being able to try out the latest tech and learn how the best B2B content programs have achieved success.


2. Confab Central

Date: May 7-9, 2014

Place: Minneapolis, MN

Costs: $999 – $1,795

Must Attend Session: ‘Visual Storytelling at GE’ with Katrina Craigwell


Since its debut in 2011, Confab has been a favorite for anyone involved with marketing, business management, or IT who are seeking to learn more about content. The conference has become so-respected that it has sold out the previous two years. Besides mingling with like-minded thinkers and creators, you have the privilege of attending numerous conferences and workshops from some of the leading experts in the field of content strategy.


3. Authority Intensive

Date: May 7-9, 2014

Place: Denver, CO

Costs: $1295

Must Attend Session: Keynote speech from Seth Godin


One of the downfalls of attending a marketing conference is you could get a bit overwhelmed. With all of the sessions and networking, it’s easy to come back home and realize you forgot several key takeaways. Because of this, Authority Intensive divided the conference into four integrated bundles so you can absorb some important marketing techniques.


4. Incite Summit: West

Date: May 13-14, 2014

Place: San Francisco, CA

Costs: $1400

Must Attend Session: ‘Shift From Campaigns to Engaging Stories’ with John Dragoon and Michael Lacorazza


What’s so great about the Incite Summit, besides heading out to the Bay Area for a couple of days, is how collaborative and engaging it is. Instead of just hearing speakers, which is still awesome, attendees can actually debate the future of marketing. And, the conference promises that attendees will go on to use 98% of things that they learned.


5. WistiaFest

Date: May 20-22, 2014

Place: Boston, MA

Costs: $500

Must Attend Session: Keynote speech from Rand Fishkin


If you’re looking to realize the benefits of video marketing, this is the event for you. Besides a day full of panels and discussions, there is another day loaded with workshops – which is great for all of us hands-on learners out there. And, you close out the festivities by enjoying a happy hour at the Wisita office.


6. Integrated Marketing Week

Date: June 3-4, 2014

Place: New York, NY

Costs: $995 – 1,695

Must Attend Session: ‘Talking to Your Customers, One at a Time’ with Alexis Maybank


Here’s a conference where you can learn how to reach your customers through all of the various multimedia channels connecting with 1,500 marketing leaders. Besides mingling with some pretty influential people, you can exchange ideas and become aware of tech and marketing strategies with peers and experts.


7. Reputation Institutes Annual Global Conference

Date: June 3-5, 2014

Place: Miami, FL

Costs: $350-$2495

Must Attend Session: ‘Right Message, Right Channel, Right Stakeholder’ with Paul Hillen, Cargill Peter Horst, and Sanjay Gupta


Reputation is kind of a big deal when it comes to a business. In fact, it can also affect your marketing campaign. And, that’s what this conference is bringing to your attention. By using your values, you can stand out from the competition and create an effective campaign to reach a global marketplace.


8. Summer Brand Camp

Date: June 3-5, 2014

Place: Dallas, TX

Costs: $495

Must Attend Session: ‘QR Codes Kill Kittens’ with Scott Stratten


Now in it’s fifth year, Summer Brand Camp is billed as more of an experience instead of just another conference – what other conference will you attend where there’s a cocktail party in a treehouse? More importantly, you can hang out and learn from some of the more innovative marketing minds out there. And, at under $500, it’s definitely worth attending.



Date: June 4-6

Place: Chicago, IL

Costs: $600-$2200

Must Attend Session: ‘New Retailing Models’ with Jeffrey Raider


First off, Chicago in June is just awesome. So, why not enjoy the Windy City with a conference where you can pickup some strategies to engage and captivate your audience. And, as always, this is the perfect opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders.


10. SMX Advanced

Date: June 11-12, 2014

Place: Seattle, WA

Costs: $900-$2200

Must Attend Session: ‘Amazing Paid Search Tactics & Tools’ with moderator Matt Van Wagner and speakers Steve Hammer, Larry Kim, Jennifer Slegg


Workshops and panels galore make this one of the most promising conferences of the year, perhaps every year, at that. If you’re looking to boost your SEO, mobile and/or paid search tactics, then start making arrangements to head to the Great Northwest. And Matt Cutts is a keynote speaker. Just saying.


11. The Sales 2.0 Conference

Date: May 5-6, July 14, September 18, 2014

Place: San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas

Costs: $700 – $1,000

Must Attend Session: Keynote speech from Lisa Earle McLeod (Boston)


If you’re involved with B2B sales, you should seriously consider attending one of the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conferences in either San Fran, Beantown, or Vegas. During the conference you’ll discover how to increase sales thanks to metrics and measurements, as well as working with your in-house team to increase the customer experience in real-time.


12. MozCon

Date: July 14-15, 2014

Place: Seattle, WA

Costs: $800 – $1300

Must Attend Session: Rand Fishkin will be speaking, but we’re interested in what Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive has to say.


It may be safe to say that a majority of us have turned to Moz for some sort assistance at some point in our ventures. So, why wouldn’t you want to experience in person the plethora skills, tactics, and information that Moz has to offer?


13. SMPS Build Business

Date: July 30 – August 1

Place: San Antonio, TX

Costs: $600-$1400

Must Attend Session: ‘Imagine : Creativity Track I Want to Be Rubber But I feel Like Glue: How to Regain Your Personal and Professional Bounce’ with Shannah A. Hayley and Cathy Hutchison.


Here we have a conference that is all about gaining the competitive edge and using contrasts to your advantage. Plus, you’ll have three days in San Antonio to mingle with leading experts, marketers and business developers – on top of the more than 800 clients in attendance. There are also innovative workshops and panel discussions.


14. Affiliate Summit East

Date: August 10-12, 2014

Place: New York, NY

Costs: $1800-$2800

Must Attend Session: ‘Content-Driven Commerce: Affiliate Marketing Gets a Makeover’ with Vladimir Dusil, Oliver Roup and Erica Yoon


One of the most-respected conferences has been going strong since 2003 and there’s good reason why. It’s full of accessible affiliates, marketers, and vendors. There’s also provoking sessions where you will get access to the latest marketing trends and information.


15. ClickZ Live

Date: August 11-14, 2014

Place: San Francisco, CA

Costs: $800-$2700

Must Attend Session: Meet the Experts Roundtable


Looking to do some networking? ClickZ Live should be on your agenda. While every conference offers the chance to make some quality introductions, CLickZ goes above and behind. There are cocktails, of course, but the conference also has a session that directs attendees to the right sessions and events where people in your field would be. There are also meets and greets and roundtable discussions with peers and industry leaders.


16. Content Marketing World

Date: September 8-11, 2014

Place: Cleveland, OH

Costs: $800-$1500

Must Attend Session: Keynote speech from Academy-award winning actor Kevin Spacey.


Our own Kelsey Jones mentioned this conference previously, but it’s such a premier event that it deserves attention one more time. Why? Because it’s only the largest content marketing event in the world. And, did we mention that Kevin Spacey will be delivering a keynote speech?


17. Inbound

Date: September 15 -18, 2014

Place: Boston, MA

Costs: $199-$799

Must Attend Session: Any of the keynotes from HubSpot co-founders and members.


If you missed an event in Boston earlier in the year, or just want to return, Inbound has more than enough to offer to make start booking your trip. It’s here where you will hear success stories, get inspired by a wide range of speakers, have roundtable discussions and walk away with the skills and tactics to make your business a success.


18. Brand ManageCamp

Date: September 18-19, 2014

Place: Las Vegas, NV

Costs: $1,999

Sessions of Note: ‘What Great Brands Do: Seven Brand Building Principles That Separate The Best From The Rest’ with Denise Lee Yohn


In its 12 years in existence, this conference remains a great source for individuals to gain new insights and innovative techniques via a series of inspirational speakers. Because it takes place in Vegas, you can expect to enjoy some refreshing beverages with fellow like-minded guests and leading thought-thinkers.


19. Pubcon

Date: October 6-9, 2014

Place: Las Vegas, NV

Costs: TBA

Must Attend Session: Too many sessions to cover, but the keynote speakers will be Ted Murphy and Jay Baer.


Forbes has declared Pubcon a must-attend conference. And, if you’ve ever attended, you know why. Besides hanging out with some important people in Vegas, there will be training sessions, inspiring speakers and a ton of exhibitors. For 2014, Pubcon is promising the largest ever assembled group of search and social innovators in its history.


20. Dreamforce

Date: October 13-16

Place: San Francisco, CA

Costs: $899 (until May 6)

Must Attend Session: TBD


This event is hosted by salesforce.com, who Forbes listed as the world’s most innovative company for the last three years. During the four-day event, you’ll attend engaging and creative sessions that will assist you in improving lead conversion rate, lead volume, and constructing an effective marketing campaign.



Date: October 18-23, 2014

Place: Departs Miami, FL

Costs: $995-$1,495 (early bird)

Must Attend Session: TBD


Here’s something different. A conference. On a cruise. Sounds good already, right? This inaugural event will depart Miami and make stops at Grand Turk, Half Moon Bay, Nassau, and the Atlantis Aquaventure. In other words, if you want to network with the “who’s who” in the digital marketing world, this might be one of your best opportunities. After all, you’re all on a boat.


22. BOLO Conference

Date: October 19-21, 2014

Place: Scottsdale, AZ

Costs: $935

Must Attend Session: TBD


We should all be in agreement that conferences are awesome. The only drawback is that with so many attending, it could be difficult to make impression while you’re out and about shaking hands. That’s what makes BOLO so intriguing. It’s limited to 250 attendees. That’s a great way in getting some one-on-one time with the people who can help you turn your marketing campaign around. And, the admission price includes access to all of the sessions, meals, and an open bar during cocktail receptions!


23. DMA 2014

Date: October 25-30, 2014

Place: San Diego, CA

Costs: $1899 (advance price for full conference)

Must Attend Session: TBD


For those of us who reside in the parts of the country where we get all four season, heading to San Diego during the end of October sounds like a really good decision. Oh, and there’s that whole attending a great conference as well. DMA hosts over 150 sessions that cater to data-driven marketers. And, there’s the chance to network with influencers and peers at all of the various parties going on.


24. Funnel Festival of Marketing

Date: November, 2014

Place: London, England

Costs: TBA

Must Attend Session: TBD


If you’re looking to head overseas, or happen to live in Europe, start making your travel arrangements. The 2013 event contained over 500 marketers who learned how B2B companies are making revenue with modern platforms and technology. Plus, we really like how it is billed as a festival and not a conference.


25. Dallas Digital Summit

Date: December, 2014

Place: Dallas, TX

Costs: TBA

Must Attend Session: TBD


December may be in the distant future, but it’s never too early to begin planning your next trip. While not all of the details have been released yet, last year’s event featured 75 influential people, like Steve Wozniak, Paul Bettner from ‘Words with Friends’ and Susan Bennett (aka the voice of Siri). Expect another stellar lineup for 2014.

Source: http://rankwinz.com/